laptop xp screen

  denis93 22:47 05 Dec 2011

my niece has an xp laptop,the screen has went blank and is now showing coloured up and down lines,i plugged a monitor into it,and the monitor is showing normal xp screen,what can i do,as the monitor is not hers and she cant afford one

  onthelimit1 08:42 06 Dec 2011

Not quite sure why the external monitor will work and not the usual screen if there is a driver/graphics chip problem. More likely to be the lead connecting the screen to mobo, but that requires considerable dismantling to change. Other alternative is that it's the screen itself. Prices vary from £15 to over a hundred, depending on the make (plus fitting).

  denis93 14:57 06 Dec 2011

buteman example 1 is exactly the same as mine

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:19 06 Dec 2011

Unfortunately that looks like a new screen is required

Companies were throwing away CRT monitors only a couple of years ago ask around someone may still have one tucked away.

The laptop can be plugged into a Flat screen TV to act as a monitor for the time being.

  onthelimit1 15:22 06 Dec 2011

What is the make and model of the laptop? Some are quite easy to dismantle/check the connections.

  robin_x 16:30 06 Dec 2011 CRTs come up often in my area.

My brother had a spare old LCD when mine went kaputt on my Desktop PC.

Not very convenient with a laptop though unless used on a desk.

If any of the family or friends are reasonably practical with a screwdriver, laptop screens are relatively easy to change.

How to replace laptop screen.

Add you make and model for more definitive search.

Also see for make + model + screen

  denis93 20:58 06 Dec 2011

onthelimitone its a toshiba equium m50-216

  onthelimit1 09:07 07 Dec 2011

I can't find that specific model, but have a look at the manual for the M45 to see if it's similar herepage 2-17 check 5 suggests that your problem could be caused by a dodgy connection at one end or other of the cable between mobo and screen (it flexes every time the lid is moved). I've cured a number of similar problems by reseating the connections. If you are comfortable with taking a laptop to bits, it may be worth a try.

  denis93 09:15 07 Dec 2011

thats way over my head,i think she will just have to get a monitor for it,thank you and every one else for your help and time.

  onthelimit1 09:21 07 Dec 2011

OK. I've bought LCD monitors of ebay for a tenner, so may be worth considering.

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