Laptop won't work help?

  twblundell97 00:04 25 Nov 2013

Hello, I have an Acer Travelmate P253e and earlier for the first time I wished to see my RAM and the HDD so I took off the cover part covering these components and my screwdriver slipped and took off a connector on the atheros model ar5b125 which is for wireless connection, it bent the connection metal so I had to rebend it to reconnect. I screwed the cover back and my laptop will not turn on, it was only the wireless connector what do I do?

Any help will be greatly appreciated? What can I do guys?

  wee eddie 00:44 25 Nov 2013

News is unlikely to be good if it was live at the time as you may have shorted something out. As the space is so limited in a Laptop that conection that you bent mat have touched another part.

All is not lost. But you will need to find someone with knowledge and a Multimeter.

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