Laptop won't waken up from sleep mode

  oo7juk 12:35 27 Oct 2011


I have a ASUS X58C laptop that won't waken from sleep mode. When I switch unit on the splash screen comes up and it looks like it is starting up normally, but then the screen goes blank. I still have a backlight and the cursor is still visable, but when I touch the keyboard or move mouse tracker nothing happens. I tried pressing the on button, but still nothing happens.

Also just below the mouse pad you have the system lights and the sleep one "Zz" is green and the F2 key also has the same symbol but when I press it nothing happens.

I tried going into safe mode, but got the same result. I tried just using AC power and no battery plus battery and both but still the same.

The laptop's OS is Vista Home.

Thank you in advance.

  northumbria61 13:01 27 Oct 2011

Try switching the laptop off with the Power Button and hold it down for about 2 minutes. This may get it to start up normally and then you need to go into your Power Options to make changes.

  oo7juk 23:39 01 Nov 2011

Hi there,

Done as suggested but no luck. I held the power button down and the power light and sleep lights started flashing. After about 2 minutes I pressed the power button again, this time both the power button and sleep light stayed on. When I try to press the power button nothing happens. To get it to start the boot up process I have to remove battery, then re-inserted again.


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