Laptop wont turn on properly

  StarStalker 21:06 03 Dec 2011

I am having a problem with my laptop, its been like this for a couple of weeks now. When I turn it on it will freeze and show a black screen, so I hold the off button until it turns off, then try again. It will then go to the option screen of repair or startup as normal, when I go to repair it says there is nothing to repair. It will freeze again, so I start the process again and this can go on for about 10 minutes until it finally comes on properly. I tried a system restore as I repaired some things (cannot remember what they were) in the programmes, and it also has an intermittent runtime error before the user login screen. And then tonight the fan started making an awful noise until I turned it off. I have also run the check disc option but it doesnt fix anything

  rdave13 21:16 03 Dec 2011

What operating system and what laptop? Fan making a noise is trying to cool the CPU or if, like my very old laptop, the 'bearings' are dry. Funnily enough after buying a new laptop the fan noise on the old one stopped. Can't win. Vista?

  StarStalker 21:18 03 Dec 2011

Its a toshiba satelite, and vista

  robin_x 21:41 03 Dec 2011

My Compaq fan went 'dry' and was sticking when very new. Warranty was void due to me breaking and replacing the screen previously.

I was able to pull the fan blades off the spindle (only held on by coil magnets) and apply a couple of drops of 3in1 Oil.

My fan was a pig to get at (full disassembly). Toshibas are much easier I believe.

Toshiba Satellite

How to lubricate a fan

  rdave13 22:07 03 Dec 2011

My suggestion is to backup all your documents, emails, photos etc. and then return the laptop to factory settings. A long job but Vista is finicky and the worst OS Microsoft ever invented in my humble opinion.

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