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Laptop won't turn on after sudden shutdown?

  Zanche 09:39 16 Dec 2018

Hey, I have an issue with my Asus laptop. It has an i5-7300HQ processor with a Nvidia gtx 1050 card. And 8 gigs of RAM. Yesterday it completely shut off and now I can't turn it on at all. At the time of the crash I was playing a game so it got warm, but then I heard a tick from the inside of the laptop, like a little click and it all went black. I pulled out the power cable thinking it was the issue and then I let it rest for an hour or so. When I came back it was completely "powerless", even the indicator lights weren't on and when I plugged the power cable back in, nothing happened either. The laptop itself is a bit less than 6 months old and ive never had problems with overheating, I have a cooler pad always running and a core temp regulation app that warns me when the temp is too high. It didn't warn me at all this time.

I already tried finding a solution myself but nothing really helped my case, I suspect a short circuit but I don't know where or what's the cause.

Does the warranty cover this type of issue? If not, I would really appreciate your help, so I can have an estimate of the repair costs before the service company sends me their repair offer.

Any and all help is welcome!

  Zanche 00:20 17 Dec 2018

Thanks for the answer, will be taking it to the seller tomorrow, hopefully all goes well.

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