Laptop wont switch on after uncommanded shutdown

  obi-nu 21:26 17 Oct 2008

Hi Guys,

Im wondering if i could ask of your expert advice on the above matter. I have a 3 year old sony vaio 3.6GHZ celeron powered. After shutting down a game the background screen went blue (no background came up, the icon were as if highlighted and the cpu icon appeared in the bottom toolbar. I opened another low power requiring program and it ran for about 30 mins and then suddenly died with no warning. It was plugged in and battery was fully charged. It now wont switch back on and when all the power (bat& mains) is removed and plugged back in the battery charge light comes on for a nano second when the 'on' button is pressed and thats it! No power, no life, nothing!

Is this a motherboard/CPU problem or something else?? It doesnt appear to be the battery or power adapter as these work seperately?

  Technotiger 21:42 17 Oct 2008

Sounds like a possible over-heating problem. If left off for longer (to get cool), will it then start up?

If it was badly over-heated it could cause damage to the CPU, and/or the motherboard.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:47 17 Oct 2008

Remove battery and try on mains only

  obi-nu 22:14 17 Oct 2008

I dont think its related to overheating, was on a desk fan/vents clear, plus i have disconnected everything, bat and mains for 24 hours then retried, mains only, bat only, left mains and bat plugged in for hours... all nothing. Still will not switch on. Its not even drawing any power from the adapter as its not warming up??!

Any other ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:25 17 Oct 2008

1. Turn off the computer,
2. Take the battery out
3. Take out the power supply
4. Push the power button down for 30 seconds.
5. Reconnect power supply
6. Then the battery.

  Technotiger 22:28 17 Oct 2008

Hmm, looks as if the answer to that has got to be - Yes!

Unfortunately CPU replacement in a laptop is rarely cost effective, if at all possible.

Maybe time for a replacement Laptop!

  woodchip 22:45 17 Oct 2008

AS above have you tried it just on mains? no battery

  obi-nu 19:05 18 Oct 2008

Tried all the above, still just a flicker of a light for an instant and thats it??!

What would have 'blown'? processor chip, motherboard or CPU or are they the same thing? Will the hard drive still be ok?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:10 18 Oct 2008

Will the hard drive still be ok?

should be

You could connect in an external caddy/ adaptor to another machine and extract your data.

  obi-nu 19:19 18 Oct 2008

Ok thanks. Should i take it to a shop and get them to look at it? Can whatevers gone be replaced easily? Someone mentioned a new cpu's expensive? Is that likely to be the cause/ only thing as the laptops in very good condition still and otherwise was still very fast?? Sony Vaios are not cheap!!

  Technotiger 19:24 18 Oct 2008

Yes, best to take it to a shop, get a professional opinion and some idea of cost. It might not be the CPU, but you never know.

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