Laptop won't start

  Marjete 10:55 06 Nov 2014

Ok,Something's wrong with my lap top. It's new one coz old my one stopped working and I got new one coz old one had insurance, ive had it like over a month, it has all my old documents and stuff in it tho, I think it has my hard old drive, not sure tho. Ok, so I was watching a video this morning and the sound just disappeared, I refreshed the web page but it didn't help, so I restarted my laptop. It won't start anymore tho. Screen lights up and it has asus icon on the screen everything, but it stays like that. I don't know what to do :( �Its asus a52f and it has windows7 (Ps. I'm sorry, I don't know much about laptops)

  SparkyJack 12:17 06 Nov 2014

When a machine 'sticks' on splash screen' it is usually a sing the hard/drive has not booted( failed)

If it was running on battery only' then retry withe mains unit in.

With thebpower unit in

If still no joy, repeat holding power button down until it shuts down, wait a moment then try again.

Othervwinsevto the supplier it goes.

Hopefully all your stuff is backed up onto a DVD/CD or other device.

  woodchip 14:10 06 Nov 2014

If the Old Drive as been fitted from other Laptop, that will be the problem as drivers etc are different. If you have a OS disc you could try a repair after starting with the disc in the drive then choose setup

  Marjete 14:20 06 Nov 2014

Thanks for your responses guys, but unfortunately non if has helped yet :(. However, I do remember a small window poping up this morning, saying that I need to pack up my files as hard rive is in risk or something's wrong with it.

  Bris 15:05 06 Nov 2014

Either the HDD is faulty or more than likely the person who installed it didnt do the job properly and its worked loose.

I assume that your new laptop is not really new but refurbished and that the supplier removed the HDD from the old one and installed it in the "new" laptop but as Woodchip says unless its exactly the same make and model it wont work reliably.

Unless you are confident that you can check that the HDD is correctly installed, I would take it back to the person that supplied it.

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