Laptop won't start up

  drewett 14:02 29 Jul 2008

Basically my laptop will just not start up. When i turn it on nothing happens, it sounds as though its going to do something then nothing. The power light comes on and the hard drive light flashes and the screen stays black.

I have no idea what's wrong with it. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

  Ditch999 14:43 29 Jul 2008

Possible dead screen or inverter/backlight. Try looking very closely to see if you can see anything at all on the screen.
If you have an external monitor connection eg VGA HDMI try using it connected to a display. You might have to hit a couple of keys on your keyboard to swap to that output, like Fn+F12 depending on your laptop.
Someone might have accidentally turned down the brightness via the keyboard, or switched the display output to your external source (as above)

A make and model would be nice!

  drewett 14:49 29 Jul 2008

Sorry forgot to include what make and model it is. Its a hp compaq nx5000, quite an old laptop.

I'm pretty sure their's nothing wrong with the screen because as i say nothing boots up. Surely if it was a screen problem then it would still boot up.

  Ditch999 15:01 29 Jul 2008

"Surely if it was a screen problem then it would still boot up."

Yes but you would not see anything so how do you know it has or has not booted? Maybe it boots fine, you just dont see the logon screen.

  drewett 15:12 29 Jul 2008

The laptop definitely doesn't boot up. It makes no sound what so ever. The fan doesn't come on, the hard drive doesn't boot up. Like i say absolutely nothing happens.

  Ditch999 15:18 29 Jul 2008

Switch it off and remove mains power, remove the battery and press the Power switch for 30 seconds.
Reconnect the mains power and switch it on.

  drewett 15:47 29 Jul 2008

Still nothing, i'm pretty sure its not a power problem. But i'm just not sure whats wrong with it.

  mymate 15:50 29 Jul 2008

I dont think this is what is wrong with yours but my Laptop wouldnt start up last week and it was a dvd stuck in the drive that was stopping it . The only way to get it out was try to put another dvd in to push the stuck one out then it went in to repair mode and started up perfect .

  woodchip 16:10 29 Jul 2008

Have you tried it as above without battery? as these do develop shorts internally

  woodchip 16:14 29 Jul 2008

also try tapping Del as soon as you have pressed start button. If it goes to BIOS You may have Hard Drive Problems. You can also test it without the Hard Drive to see if it will go to BIOS, To Switch Off Hold the Start button four seconds

  drewett 16:41 29 Jul 2008

I have tried to boot up without battery, without hard drive, still nothing. Also tried tapping del and got no response.

Could it be something wrong with the motherboard?

Might have to go into the IT shop in town, but really dont want to pay them £40 just to look at it.

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