Laptop won't start

  charlsmi 13:37 13 Apr 2006

I added a hardware for infrared but i know i did wrong, once i did it, the whole of my laptop crashed so i had to turn it off by the button, but now when i turn it on it goes to blue screen to do system check but then onc ei put my password in to go into my user area the whole thing crashes and i cnt do a thing. Is there anyway i can get into the laptop with out it crashing so i can unistall what ever is doing this to my laptop???? urgent help needed now. thanks

  phil46 13:59 13 Apr 2006

Can you get into safe mode ?

  charlsmi 14:03 13 Apr 2006

if i am think right in what safe mode is then no it won't let me

  charlsmi 14:22 13 Apr 2006

I just tried my laptop again, i let it do that system check, it got into the username and password area, (this was were it froze, just cos i moved the mouse) but i managed to get it to the desktop but then it completely froze like usual. I tried F5 and F8 but nothign happened.

  phil46 14:56 13 Apr 2006

You should be able to get into safe mode by pumping F8 on start up ,if you can't do this you will have to use the WXP disk or the recovery disk that came with your computer.

  phil46 14:58 13 Apr 2006


  charlsmi 14:59 13 Apr 2006

if that doesn't work will my windows need to wiped and replaced???
Also i only have about 5 seconds after first movement of mouse or typing before the whole system freezes. The lights stop flashing and the screen stays as it did before. On one of the system checks it said: size of the /documentsandsetting/charliesmith/ntuser.dat.LOG entry is not valid
i dunno if this is relevent to anything.

  charlsmi 16:45 13 Apr 2006

seriously i have now been on the go with this laptop since 1:30 and i haven't got anywhere. I have stupidly left my disks in my laptop case which isnt even in the same area as me (eg its over seas) can anyone give me any more info please

  djwheeler 16:51 13 Apr 2006

What happens if you try to go into safe mode, does it hang?

  charlsmi 16:57 13 Apr 2006

well if i try do anything and i mean everything it just freezes and wnt let me do a thing. I have tried doing at anytime and safe mode just wont come on so i really don't know what to do now

  charlsmi 17:08 13 Apr 2006

if i can stop it from freezing i can find the problem, Anything i do it just freezes, is there anyway in stopping it from doing it???

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