Laptop wont 'see' internal H.D via usb

  buel 16:27 14 Feb 2010

Hi, i have connected an internal hard drive from my lite on dvd recorder to my vista laptop using Plexus ide and sata lead (and seperate power supply) but it just wont show! I did this 2 days ago and it showed up on 'My computer' but nothing today! Any ideas please?

  DieSse 19:10 14 Feb 2010

Sorry but the above makes no sense to me.

Can you repeat in a bit more detail please.

  tullie 20:02 14 Feb 2010

The title also mentions USB

  mgmcc 20:12 14 Feb 2010

I think I understand what you're doing. You have connected the hard drive from a DVD "video recorder" to a PC using a USB to IDE cable.

If you go into Disk Management in the PC ("Start > Run" type DISKMGMT.MSC and click OK), is the drive that you've connected shown in there?

  buel 20:12 14 Feb 2010

Sorry, i meant to say that i have connected an internal hard drive to my laptop that i have taken out of a dvd recorder and plugged it into my laptop usb port using a 'usb to ide' cable, but my laptop doesn't see it! Does that make sense?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:11 14 Feb 2010

Did this with a drive from a failed Tevion HDD recorder

Hard drives in HDD recorders are formatted in a different way from the ones in your PC.

You will need some software to read the drive and if you want to watch the files then a player or file convertor.

VLC player will play .ts files which is probably the fle format. of the recordings

  buel 21:29 14 Feb 2010

Hi Fruit Bat, thanks for the post!
Well last night the pc was reading the Hard drive fine, that's the confusing thing!
And yes, good old VLC player was playing them fine and, strangely, Nero wasn't seeing them using the 'All supported video files' but when i still loaded the files up using 'All files' it converted and burned them successfully!
Any other advice please?

  buel 17:53 21 Feb 2010

Hi, i thought i should update that when i plug the usb cable into my laptop from the internal hard drive even though the hard drive doesn't show up in 'My Computer', i do get the option of 'Safely Remove Hardware' in my task bar, can anyone advise what i can try to 'see' the hard drive please?

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