Laptop won't recognize cd rom

  oo7juk 10:07 02 Sep 2005

My friend has the above problem with his laptop. He said it just stopped reading the disc.

I had a quick look but could not see anything wrong with it. When I explored the disc or double clicked the icon it just informed me that there was no disc in the drive and to insert one.

Many thanks.

  Belatucadrus 11:03 02 Sep 2005

If it stopped mid read, it sounds like a hardware failure, but there are a few things you can check.

1st look in the device manager to see if there are any problems highlighted, if so tell us what it says.

2nd try another CD, If the drive can't read it, it could be a disk problem.

3rd run a CD cleaner, it could be dust on the reader head ( if you're lucky ).

  oo7juk 11:34 02 Sep 2005


Had a look in the device manager, said that the device was working properly. Does a cdrom need a driver, it states in device manager that it doesn't.

Tried a different cd but still coming up with the same message - please insert a disc. The drive light is busy, but no activity. DOes it have anything to do with the drive letter it is assigned to. The laptop has the usaul 'a' dr 'c' dr but the cdrom is labeled as the 'q' drive.

Many thanks.

  oo7juk 16:34 02 Sep 2005

Managed to solve problem, actual drive was broken, plastic stuck in drive cd could not read. Many thanks.

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