laptop won't recognise printer for photos

  bobbyalec 21:40 14 Jul 2013

Hi, and thanks in advance for any help advised. I have an Epson R240 printer connected to my Toshiba laptop which recently printed a Word Processor text OK, but when I try to get it to print a colour photo - it says cannot find printer and says to check connections which are OK...

Thanks again and appreciate your help Regards bobbyalec

  Woolwell 21:46 14 Jul 2013

Which program are you using to print the photo from?


  bobbyalec 23:08 14 Jul 2013

hi, not quite sure what you mean - but I modified the pic in Adobe Photoshop Elements and tried to print it from there. No luck. The Word Processor document was created in WPS and printed OK from it.

Hope this helps? bobbyalec

  Ian in Northampton 11:36 15 Jul 2013

Did it work before? One small source of annoyance is that you can set a default printer for a system - but not every program automatically takes it on board. I'm thinking of Chrome especially - it thought the printer I'd replaced was still the default printer, and I had to manually change it to 'see' the new printer. I'm wondering whether Elements has to be 'told' which printer to use: right now, it's perhaps looking for a printer that isn't there.

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