Laptop wont recognise DVD/CD Rom Drive

  BorderCollie 15:40 16 Aug 2011

I have a "Samsung" NP-P510 Laptop, 160Gb HDD, 3Gb memory, running Windows 7. There seems to be a problem with the built-in DVD/CD drive, which is a TSST corp CDDVDW TS-2633 B type. If I use "My Computer" to check the installed drives, the DVD/CD drive is not recognised or displayed at first- I have to eject the empty drive before it is shown as being there, and even then it disappears from the screen after a minute or so. If I then try to right-click on "Properties" of the DVD/CD Drive when it IS displayed on the "My Computer" box, the green 'loading' line will take ages before it reaches the right side of the address line, and then I get the "My Computer is not responding" message shown- I have to restart Windows Explorer from scratch again. If I insert an audio CD or recorded DVD, (Autoplay IS enabled- I checked) the audio CD will play using Windows Media Player, and the DVD will play also using Windows Media Player. The main problem is when I try to 'burn' mp3 music files to a blank CD/R. using Windows Media Player 10- the burn option panel will show a blank 700Mb free CD/R is inserted with 700Mb available, but when I try to burn e.g. 400Mb of mp3 files to it, this makes the Media Player freeze, and I have to close the programme. I've tried burning music files using Real Player and another Burning utility- the same thing happens when using both utilities- makes them freeze. This means though I can PLAY DVD's and CD's, I cannot RECORD anything to blank discs, using the drive. I've checked I have permission to access "D" drive, also I have deleted and reinstalled the DVD/CD Drive drivers (and used update drivers) to no avail, also tried using Windows Troubleshooting. This says the DVD/CD Drive is 'working properly'. I'm at a loss- has anyone any ideas or suggestions what I'm doing wrong, so I can burn to the DVD/CD drive?? Please help, thanks, Dave Grieve, Scotland.

  woodchip 16:04 16 Aug 2011

Have you tried Uninstalling the Drive in Device Manager then Restart the Laptop. Also check BIOS to see if its being picked up

  BorderCollie 17:01 16 Aug 2011

Yes, tried using Device Manager to both uninstall, and update the Drive. On restart the drive was reinstalled automatically but made no difference. As for the BIOS, the drive is being recognised as it even tries to boot from the drive on starting up (as shown by the on screen message). I even tried removing the whole drive assembly- cleaning the contacts- reinserting it, but with no luck. Thanks for the idea anyway. Dave Grieve

  woodchip 17:07 16 Aug 2011

I was just about to say it may be a Bad connection but too late, Looks like you need a New Drive

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