laptop wont power up

  jammin 11:27 23 Aug 2010

any ideas whats wrong with my laptop, when switched on the background was black (usually wallpaper) the battery ran out and the computer went dead, I have plugged the adaptor in but no sign of life, a light flashes when i try to power up but otherwise nothing, i have taken the battery out and tried but still nothing, any suggestions - its less than 2 years old and is a hp pavilion

  woodchip 11:30 23 Aug 2010

The charger may have expired, If you have a Volt Meter check if power is coming out of it Round about 18volts it should tell you underneath it. After its gone it would just run off the battery until it was flat

  northumbria61 11:34 23 Aug 2010

Try this, press down the power button and hold it down, and then with the button press down , press F12 , and the computer should boot normally.

  jammin 11:37 23 Aug 2010

havent got a volt meter, tried power button and f12 but still dead

  northumbria61 12:04 23 Aug 2010

A small pilot light on the AC adapter: This light indicates the presence of power; if the lamp isn't lit, you may have a dead charger on your hands.

  jammin 15:27 23 Aug 2010

thanks for your help - no light on the adaptor but I tried a friends charger which worked fine - bought a new charger which now works

  northumbria61 15:29 23 Aug 2010

Good news. Don't forget to tick box and click as resolved.

  robin_x 17:00 23 Aug 2010

Don't forget that a laptop will run fine for years without a battery. If you are just in your house on the mains adapter.

Of course if you move from room to room or to a coffee shop, that is a different matter.

When roving a laptop battery, store it in a cool place. eg a wardroe or cupboard.

  robin_x 17:02 23 Aug 2010

roving? = removing

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