Laptop won't output to projectors but does to mon

  coolteach 13:37 16 Feb 2011

A week ago my Dell Latitude D520 laptop stopped outputting to projectors, but not monitors, via the VGA out. I tested it with 2 CRT monitors today and it worked instantly.

I have tried two different windows installations (XP and 7) and the problem still exists, as well as several VGA leads and projectors.

It is very strange as it was working perfectly until last Wednesday! I have also tried system restore and reinstalled graphics drivers but with no joy. Any thoughts or is the VGA out (partially) jiggered?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:47 16 Feb 2011

To ensure that the video is sent to the video projector, it is advised to swtch to screen only before making any settings on video projector. Then you can switch to VGA output + screen function.

If the function key do not propel any image:

* First of all, verify that the cable for the video projector is well connected to the computer.
* Then restart your computer with the projector cable so that it detects the connection.

  STREETWORK 20:26 16 Feb 2011

Try pressing CTRL and F8 togeather, if no screen output pess both keys again, this works for my Dell.

Also worth checking your graphic card control panel to see if its configuered to use the output to 2 monitors/displays...

  coolteach 08:03 17 Feb 2011

Thanks for the responses!

I've done the function key thing, tried 4 cables and three projectors, all of which work with a different laptop, restarted with cables plugged in and gone to the Intel Graphics Manager through control panel. It detects that the projectors are connected but won't show anything on them.

As soon as I swap the projector for a CRT monitor, the output to the monitor is instant! Bizarre! Do projectors work off different pins to the CRT monitors?

  Woolwell 10:26 17 Feb 2011

The projectors that I use show which connection they are using when first starting up. Does yours?
Are you just get a black output on the projector?
Do the monitors instantly show your desktop exactly the same as on the laptop?

I suspect, but could be wrong, that when you connect the projector the laptop is going to extended desktop and when you connect the monitor it is going to clone desktop. You need to enter your display settings and check the output.

  Woolwell 10:29 17 Feb 2011

Ignore the D600 and monitor but follow this and see if you get an output on your projector click here

  coolteach 12:26 17 Feb 2011

Thanks for the suggestions.

Unfortunately I've checked the cloned/extended desktop thing and while both options (clone/extended) work fine on the monitors, neither work on the projectors! I just keep getting to input on the projectors.

  Woolwell 12:31 17 Feb 2011

Are you connecting the projectors before the laptop is powered up or after? Try both ways.

  coolteach 20:29 17 Feb 2011

Yeah, tried both combos but with no luck. Thanks for all the suggestions though.

  Woolwell 20:52 17 Feb 2011

I really puzzled by this as there shouldn't be any difference between a projector and monitor for output. You've tried different leads and different projectors so regret I'm stuck.
Last thought how many input sockets are there on the projector(s)? Try a different socket?

  STREETWORK 07:29 18 Feb 2011

I did some experimentation with my Dell/Projector set up and found that if i change the laptop resoulution it would not be picked up by the projector.

So, try and use different laptop resoulutions and screen displays/sizes and see if this works...

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