Laptop won't connect wirelessly - help!

  justjill 21:51 06 Apr 2010


This is the latest post in what is turning into a bit of a saga. Basically, my PC went tits up and I asked on here for help and got some excellent advice but I came to the limit of what I could do and had to call in a professional. The previous installment of the saga is here, for reference: click here

Anyhow, spent ages choosing what appeared to be a reputable (and expensive) company who sent out an engineer to look at the PC. After an hour of tinkering he said that it could be a power supply problem or it could be a dead motherboard but either was going to require at least another couple of hours' diagnostics at £80 + VAT plus parts. We decided it was probably best to cut our losses and get him to transfer the contents of the hard drive to our laptop temporarily while we ordered a replacement. 67Gb of transfer later and he was finished. He said he wasn't writing on the receipt that he'd done data transfer as we'd be charged per Gb for that. We felt he'd done us a huge favour and paid for his taxi to the station and tipped him. Only when he'd left did we realise that the laptop won't now connect to the wireless network. So, after paying not to have our computer fixed our one working computer now won't connect by wireless, which was the whole point of buying it.

We've tried everything to fix it and discovered what seems to be the only problem - something called Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adaptor has stopped working. After much Googling the problem and trying to fix it ourselves and letting the engineer access our laptop remotely, we are no nearer to solving the problem. Can anyone suggest a fix, please?!


  tullie 22:00 06 Apr 2010

Does it connect wired?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:02 06 Apr 2010

What is make and model of laptop?
what operating system are you using?
Have you looked in device manager to see if there is an exclamation mark against the network adaptors.

Can you connect to the router by wire? I assume if this is the only working machine this is how you are talking to us now and how the "engineer" connected remotely.

  justjill 22:02 06 Apr 2010

He's finally sorted it by remotely uninstalling and reinstalling the modem driver.

I'm so cross, though. I paid him for 2 hours' work and ended up spending 5 hours of my time trying to fix the mess he left behind. And I missed Masterchef! Grrr!

Thanks for all the help in the run-up to this, guys.


  justjill 22:06 06 Apr 2010

Sorry, guys. Yes, it was connecting wired and there was an exclamation mark against the Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adaptor. It's currently disabled and all working now.

Incidentally,are you aware of click here ? I think I'll find this very useful for sorting out minor problems on my parents and in-laws PCs :)

  Technotiger 22:14 06 Apr 2010

Yes, I think most of us are aware of Teamviewer, an excellent little program, I have used it often, to great effect.

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