Laptop wont connect via router-media disconnected?

  drippin 15:52 09 Jan 2009

Hello,this is my first post,and I am still searching the forums for ideas.I am totally useless when it comes to computers,however,I'm not"scared"of them and can follow instructions really here goes...

We have had a new laptop,an Acer Aspire 5535.Already set up to my home pc is a Sitecom WL-106 router,my ex used it with his laptop no problems,and it has been here ever since.So here is me thinking the new laptop will just find the connection,(as up until about 2 months ago my Dad could access it with his mobile phone,but can't anymore)but after a few weeks and lots of messing about I am still getting nowhere fast.When I try to connect I get the message that there was no response from the router
After following some posts already,and doing the ipconfig on the laptop,I noted that it says media disconnected in the results it gives-what does this mean?Its also saying ip adress is just zeros,so I can't manually put it in the router.
I have thought of restoring the factory settings on the router,as I have the manual to the router to work through,to see if that did anything,but i thought I should seek advice first in case it is something simple I have missed or if it is anything to do with the laptop.Sorry for my explanation being a bit plain,but I really have no idea what I am messing with!Any advice or help would be great!

  Border View 17:03 09 Jan 2009

Sorry if this too obvious but have you enabled the wireless connection on the laptop. I have an Acer and to enable the wifi have to press the right hand long thin button the front of the laptop.

Sometimes when I switch the laptop on the wifi is disabled and I have to press the button. It then flashes red and when connected goes to a stead red.

Hope this helps.

  drippin 18:06 09 Jan 2009

Many thanks for replying Barmoor,would that be the same button as the the one on mine ,looks like a satellite dish,and when I press it is says "wireless LAN enabled" or "wireless LAN disabled"?
It flashes yellow when enabled,I've never noticed it be steady on though,presumably because I haven't connected.

  brundle 19:08 09 Jan 2009

Have you followed the instructions in the quick setup guide? click here

Ensure you can connect to the internet with a wired connection before attemping a wireless one.

  drippin 20:49 09 Jan 2009

Hello Brundle,thanks for your reply too.I will take a good look at the link you have supplied,thanks for that.

I took out a cable from the modem and put it into my laptop,must have been the correct one as I lost my connection on my PC!
However,I still could not connect to the internet.It said it was connecting through a wan miniport(PPPOE)but then I had an "error 815 message",saying the remote sender was not responding.
I then went onto a windows network diagnostics screen,and it said that "windows didn't find any problems with this computers network connection"

I'm confused with all these statements,I keep Googling them to try and understand what they mean!!

As you stated in your post, I am presuming that I need to get this problem sorted first??Any more advice would be wonderful..

  drippin 16:52 10 Jan 2009

Hi again,still trying to work through this,now this is probably an unrelated issue,but on my desktop PC,when I look in device manager and network adapters,there is two listed,and both are this the norm,I thought there would have been just one?

As I said it was my ex that set this up years ago,and now I am just trying to learn more about PCs and stuff..

  drippin 16:56 10 Jan 2009

Sorry,forgot to add (if it means anything) that one is a 1394 net adapter and the other one is a NVidia nForce MCP networking controller....many thanks

  brundle 18:19 10 Jan 2009

1394 is your Firewire adapter, nothing unusual there.

Has your laptop been connected to broadband before? If so, was it via a USB ADSL modem?

  drippin 18:33 10 Jan 2009

Hi Brundle,no the laptop hasn't been connected to broadband before until yesterday when I tried.
Now this is where I may sound stupid,but I don't know what a USB ADSL modem is...The modem I have is one that Telewest supplied years ago when I first had Broadband,all I can see on it is "Motorola Surfboard" SB4100 Cable modem, in the back is the power lead,the cable connection,a usb slot (with nothing in) and another slot in which is a grey cable and it says "line act" next to it...I feel a bit daft now.!

  drippin 18:52 10 Jan 2009

I have just been looking on the net,and it says that this modem has both USB and Ethernet connections,so now I am presuming as there is no cable in the USB slot I stuck the Ethernet cable/connection into the laptop.
And am I also correct in reading on the net that the ADSL thingy is a BT broadband thing?If so my broadband is supplied by Virgin media.
Thanks again for helping!

  brundle 21:31 10 Jan 2009

Yes, correct you have a cable modem. Leave the router connected to the modem. Connect the laptop to the router with another cable. Switch the whole lot off for a few minutes, then switch on the modem (your Motorola), then the router, then the laptop. Wait about 1 minute between switching on each device. Don't swap between devices directly connected to the modem itself, the device that was connected the last time the modem was switched on is the only device it will provide internet access to.

Do the ipconfig command again - what IP address has the laptop been given, if any?
This is all detailed in the setup guide.
If you can't get a connection with a wired setup, forget connecting wirelessly...

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