Laptop won't connect to router

  danfrost2202 12:51 06 Apr 2007

Hi, the problem I have been having is that I am trying to connect to my wireless router (speedtouch 580). When i search for wireless connections in range it often finds it and it has a strong signal but when I connect to it it wont connect. It doesn't say anything it simply tries to connect to the network then stops, it doesn't get as far as acquiring network address, I've tried restarting both my laptop and the router but its the same. If anyone can help me it would be great. Thanks


  danfrost2202 12:57 06 Apr 2007

Just to say it had previously in the past connected to it, I had gone away to University and as far as I am aware nothing has changed with the setup but I'm back now and it doesn't work

  karim07 12:58 06 Apr 2007

If you have enabled any wireless security on your router then first enter that security key (like WEP key) and the try to connect

  danfrost2202 13:01 06 Apr 2007

it asked me to enter the network key which I have done and it still does nothing

  postie24 14:29 06 Apr 2007

Have you tried repairing the connection,might be a dns cache issue

  irishrapter 17:53 06 Apr 2007

Log on to the your via an ethernet cable.
Disable any encryption.
Disconnect ethernet cable and try to connect via wireless.
If you connect okay disconnect the wireless then re-connect with cable and enable encryption with a new password. (Try using WPA if you can, WEP is broken)
Disconnect cable and try wireless again.

If all else fails I would suggest you reset the router to factory default settings and try the above again.


  irishrapter 17:54 06 Apr 2007

Typo! First line should be "Log on to your router"

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