Laptop wont connect to router

  chrisgc 21:21 19 Dec 2005

Hi all,

I have a desktop pc connected to a Belkin Wireless G Router.

I also have a laptop which I am trying to network up with desktop via a wireless connection.

Both are running windows XP sp2 with Norton AntiVirus (Windows fireall is off as I have Norton Internet Worm switched to ON).

I originally had network up and running with no problems (setup via network wizard) until someone told me they were able to acces my network - not good.

I was then informed to enable WEP / Mac addresses etc as this did not appear to be enabled.

I did this on main pc. ie entering ip address etc (im sure I done this to desktop and laptop)via Belkin setting site.

Problem is is that both computers are not able to talk to each other via the network thus not being able to share printer and folders etc,(although desktop which has router connected to it can connect to internet).

When I go to network places on both computers all the files which I need to share are still showing up but I cant get networked pc's to talk to each other!

I have gone back into Belkin settings and put back setting to what they used to be but have still not been succesful in connecting the network up (maybe I have missed something out).

Also done ping test but not pinging back with laptop (presuming I am doing it right).

Could anyone give me the advice to get me up and running again.

I have tried doing the network wizard again but that does not do the trick either.

Is there a way round this or a way to re-do all the setup again?

And if I do manage to set up again what should I do security wise to stop neighbours etc accessing my files.

Any help would be very much appreicated.

Many thanks.

  chrisgc 21:26 19 Dec 2005

Also must add that when I do ipconfig on laptop it comes back saying 'media disconnected'

  keewaa 22:16 19 Dec 2005

The ONLY thing you need to stop your neighbours accessing your files is to enable good WPA security. So you could reset your router and start again, just enable WPA and it's safe.

  chrisgc 23:34 19 Dec 2005

So could you tell me the differnece between WEP and WPA.

Also how do I go about resetting router in the Belkin settings page and once this is done do I just go though the Wireless Network Wizard again with both PC's then select WPA as my security on the Belin settings page.

And finally when selecting WPA as the type of security do I have to enter a network key etc.

  keewaa 09:11 20 Dec 2005

WEP is no longer considered a strong security, but is fine is no-one is actively trying to hack in.

To reset the router there is unually a pinhole button you press for 10 seconds or gently push a needle into (it will say in the manual), Once reset it would be like taking it out of the box, so you'll have to go through the router set-up, and then wireless on each PC/laptop.

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