laptop wont charge (problem at a/c connection)

  clmantis21 04:09 04 Sep 2008

My Sony Vaio wont charge the batter. It started as a small problem when I would noticed that I wasnt charging even when the cable to the a/c adapter was connected to the laptop.

I would then wiggle the cord a bit and it would eventually start charging again. Well, this got worst until it now doesnt charge even if I move the cable around. I bought a new a/c adapter and still no charge. Eventually, my laptop ran out of battery and now it wont turn on.

What whould most common problem and what is typically the solution? Cost? I might just purchase a new laptop anyway, but it would be nice to get my data plus it would be a shame to throw this current one away just because it doesnt charge.

Is there a universal laptop charger via USB available somewhere?

Thanks in advance for the space! :)

  zarobian 06:35 04 Sep 2008

I think the connecter at your mother board is disloged. You need a good repairer to do this job for you.
I have seen some posts on this subject in the forum.

  clmantis21 06:38 04 Sep 2008

I searched the boards and found that it might be the jack connection. I also came across a company that repairs it for $99 but im not sure if I want to send my laptop away.

I am going by "Mr. Notebook" a local repair show tomorrow and have them take a look.

I will post my results later...


  mooly 08:15 04 Sep 2008

If you are very lucky it may only require resoldering. Have you opened it up ?

  cheap 09:26 04 Sep 2008

For a start if you dont feel confident in opening up you laptop then DONT. This is a very complicated job which usualy means a complete strip down until you are left with the motherboard. If you feel confident to do this then make an attempt but remember about earthing yourself to stop static and get some practice soldering before attempting to remove the old a/c jack. The part you need is very cheap, its the labour that is going to cost you.

  chub_tor 11:29 04 Sep 2008

If you do decide to do it yourself there is a guide click here

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