Laptop wont boot

  kat64 22:17 20 Aug 2014

Hi, I have a 4yr old Advent laptop which had Vista installed when new.Recently it kept crashing,freezing etc. so I bought a new Hard drive and bought more memory and then installed win7. it worked brilliant for a while and then began crashing and freezing again. I have now installed Ubuntu which again worked fine for a week or so and now its crashed again and cannot access anything past the opening flash screen. I was going to just discard the laptop as finished but i wondered if there is something that i could try before I give up on it. Kind Regards

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:34 20 Aug 2014

possibly one of the original memory modules faulty.

HDD and memory are really the only things you can change on a laptop.

Overheating due to dust build up round the fan and heatsink usually cause shutting down rather than crashes but worth cleaning anyway.

which model advent?

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  kat64 00:43 21 Aug 2014

FruitBat: its the Advent ERT2250 which i think is older than the one in your link. When I switch on now i get a screen full of numbers headed with........... 0.872420 Kernel Panic- not syncing.attempted to kill init!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:37 21 Aug 2014

Thats part of the Ubuntu boot up sequence failing, possibly due to a corrupt file. Do you have a bootable Disk? Maybe some form on linux distro on a CD/DVD like Mint try booting from a CD/ DVD that will prove wether its a problem with componets or just a corrupt file on the drive.

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  kat64 21:40 21 Aug 2014

Fruit Bat:Thank you for your help. I had a copy of Mint from a Magazine free disk and sure enough it booted my laptop ok so i decided to try my old copy ofWindows XP and i was able to install that ok. the machine is only for use as a standby in case my main PC has problems so i am happy its working even though just with XP. Again many thanks. kind regards

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:31 22 Aug 2014

Thanks for the feed back, glad its sorted.

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