Laptop Won't Boot

  ColinYoung2 22:12 31 Oct 2003

Packard Bell Easy One Silver won't boot up.
Battery completly dead so I use Mains Power.
Power light illuminated on front pannel. I press the power switch, The Hard Disk and DVD Drive lights flash briefly then go out, I hear the Hard Drive Spin up and then it stops.
I would say that the POST test is failing someware. The Screen flickers once at power-up. I've had the thing apart and re-seated all the cards RAM 'n' all to no avail.
As the Boot sequence is C,D,A I'm stuffed cos I can't get to the Bios to change the sequence because POST fails!
Any suggestions would be Fantastic.
Thanks for reading this.

  Rtus 22:24 31 Oct 2003

My only suggestion here is check that youve put the ram into the correct slot..partic if youve only 1 stick fitted..also try it without the hard drive & cdrom fitted (if removable)you should be able to enter the bios at that point ..if you cant see any screen reports try another ram stick.

  woodchip 22:35 31 Oct 2003

This sounds like a power fault, It can be a problem as you need to open up the comp again and check the track's on printed circuit near power supply etc with a watch makers eye glass plus check any flying leads and round the power supply, keep your fingers away from capacitor in the power supply or you may receive a jolt

  woodchip 22:39 31 Oct 2003

PS One point to check is where the mains plug connects to the printed circuit, as with it being pulled and pushed this may have caused a crack, that is opening as soon as it gets hot

  stef9000 23:26 31 Oct 2003

i had this same problem with my desktop, if u have just added new hardware inside of the comp.
U have damaged your motherboard or its just died on its own, take it out carefully and check very very closly for shorts or cracks slightist little crack and it will screw your comp.

  ColinYoung2 00:17 01 Nov 2003

A couple of resistors involved in the battery re-charging process have blown.
You can see the mess on the motherboard if you look closely.
All I need now is a wizard with a soldering iron!

  Rtus 08:36 01 Nov 2003

Id be cautious in trying to replace those resisters ,it would be difficult to read the value if burnt.. Ive not known any motherboard resistor problems in laptops . the power pack yes & its input connect as woodchip suggests..but not any of the surface mount resistors. if as you say its a mess its likely theres a shorted regulator component & highly unlikely youll get away with a cheap repair.& its unlikely youll get spare board/parts.. Sorry for such a negative response.

  woodchip 15:57 01 Nov 2003

As I always say though, nothing to lose, all you can do is gain if it's an old laptop

  woodchip 16:00 01 Nov 2003

PS you need to check other components that as been dragging too much power, the resistors have acted like fuses

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