laptop without PCMCIA slot

  beec crump 17:59 05 Nov 2006

I have a new Fujitsu Siemens laptop which has only got a new and 'better' express card slot. I need to use a T-Mobile 3G card in it; is there any kind of adapter, USB? which I can get for this. thanks, Ben

  De Marcus™ 18:04 05 Nov 2006
  beec crump 18:06 05 Nov 2006

there is no indication of anywhere I can buy these or price; i have already spent ages on google.

does anyone know anywhere I can buy one of these?

  De Marcus™ 18:11 05 Nov 2006

8th listing on previous link click here

  beec crump 18:14 05 Nov 2006

im not sure you see what i mean: i basically need to replicate a PCMCIA port, either by plugging an adapter into the expresscard slot or into the usb2.0 slot.

  De Marcus™ 18:23 05 Nov 2006

I got what you meant, just give you a wrong link :0)

Actually they seem quite rare and expensive. click here

  De Marcus™ 18:24 05 Nov 2006

An untidy solution but cheaper click here

  beec crump 18:32 05 Nov 2006

hmm iv seen both of them before, i don't see why these should be so expensive

slightly changeing the question, do any uk networks provide a expresscard 3G solution?


  De Marcus™ 18:36 05 Nov 2006

I read something a while back about orange doing one, perhaps check their website out.

  De Marcus™ 18:40 05 Nov 2006

Found where I read about it click here

  ayrmail 22:04 31 Jan 2007

how did you get on did you buy a elan u142 adapter? Told that speed is reduced? Cheapest I saw £95.

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