laptop without pcmcia card slot-how to network

  wots it all about 21:07 23 Sep 2005

My daughter has a laptop with an ethernet connector and no slot for a pcmcia card. She is off to Uni and wants to wirelessly connect her laptop to her housemates desktop. I havent seen the desktop pc, but they have broadband so I assume it has an ethernet connector, (unless its a usb modem of course!)So, we want to wirelessly connect the two, how is the easiest way to do it please, and would the D-LINK DSL-904 be suitable? I hear it has a usb adaptor, so could that be used in the laptop instead of the pcmcia card? Would the desktop be connected to the router via a cable and the laptop ....well how would the laptop connect to the router? Is the usb adaptor used for an external pcmcia card? sorry for all the questions.

  Strawballs 21:21 23 Sep 2005

click here try looking at this.

  wots it all about 21:31 23 Sep 2005

Thanks! So, the usb adaptor is the thing that makes the connection to the router! (Yes?) And then we just have to get an integrated wireless router? In that case, the laptop can connect to the router via the cable, and the usb connector can go in the desktop?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:38 24 Sep 2005

She is off to Uni and wants to wirelessly connect her laptop to her housemates desktop.

With a USB wireless dongle she can set up an ad hoc wireless network and use internet connection sharing.

click here

  Forum Editor 16:48 24 Sep 2005

to share an internet connection (I assume that's the situation)is for them to buy a wireless router. If the broadband connection is already being used by your daughter's friend she'll have either a USB modem or an ethernet model. If she has a USB modem it would be simpler for them to buy a router with a built-in ADSL modem and connect the friend's computer directly to that. Then all your daughter has to do is buy a USB wireless network adapter and plug it into her laptop's USB port.
I doubt that the girls will want a full-blown network between the machines - they'll simply want to share the broadband connection. University towns have more overlapping wireless networks than anywhere else. At the end of last term I went to Nottingham on business and picked up seventeen networks in one afternoon - all in residential streets full of house-sharing students

  wots it all about 21:28 25 Sep 2005

Thank you both for that.
Well I will go and check out the situation tomorrow, and see what sort of connection the girls already have (ie adsl usb modem etc)and if all is ok I will get the integrated modem/router. But I may need help configuring security then! And by the way, if the router has a firewall, do you still need a software firewall such as zone alarm,which is already on my daughters pc? And does the other desktop also need a firewall?
What do you reckon on the d-link dsl-904?

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