Laptop to wireless router connection problem

  thicasabrick 20:35 04 Jul 2007

Hi all, my son has recently bought a Belkin router, so he could access the internet from his laptop This worked ok for a couple of weeks. Problem is, his laptop will now not connect with the router, but his laptop CAN connect to someone elses router, somewhere in our street. Router is working fine as I can connect with it from my pc, he can also connect with router from his PSP. Can anyone tell me what the problem could be. These are the details from my sons laptop.

speed 54.0Mbps
signal strength excellent
status limited or no connectivity

I presume the "limited or no connectivity" is the problem. How do I fix this please. Bye the way on my pc all of the above details are the same except the status says "connected" Thanks

  FreeCell 10:27 05 Jul 2007

Could be an IP address problem. First try right clicking on wireless connection icon in system tray and selecting "Repair".

  thicasabrick 20:09 05 Jul 2007

Thanks for the reply FreeCell. Have tried the repair option but it comes back "unable to assign IP address" or words to that effect.

  FreeCell 20:41 05 Jul 2007

Okay, try the following

Click "Start" and select "Run".

In command box type the following
ipconfig /release <hit return key>

ipconfig /renew <hit return key>

Also check there isn't any firwall causing connection problems on PC. Try with firewall turned off and see if you can connect then.

  mgmcc 21:40 05 Jul 2007

Try "Removing" the existing wireless 'profile' in the Preferred Networks section of the Wireless Network Connection's Properties and then go through the procedure to "Connect" again. Should the current profile be corrupt, this will sort it.

  thicasabrick 11:09 06 Jul 2007

Thanks for your suggestions. Am in work at the moment will try them when I get home.

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