Laptop wireless failure?

  Dentman 19:38 20 Dec 2006

Could anyone help with this problem please? We have a home desktop with wireless router and my wife and daughter have been using their own wireless laptops in other rooms in the house without a hitch. However, just last week my daughter’s laptop lost its connection and she has been unable to access the Internet since then.

The strange thing is, when using “search for available wireless connections” it cannot find any, yet my wife’s laptop recognizes the host router and is still connects without a problem.

I suppose my question is, do you think this is failed bit of hardware in the laptop (wireless card?) or is it more likely to be a problem with the software configuration set up?

If anyone has any ideas at all, we would be most grateful as the thought of spending the Christmas break with a teenager without her internet access is almost too much to bear!!

  Ashrich 23:48 20 Dec 2006

Ok , a few questions first ...what make of laptop is it , is the wireless built in or is it on a USB or PCMCIA card , does the icon for the connection on the task bar have a cross through it or does it just look like a little monitor , and does it have small half circles radiating from it ? Might there be a hardware switch to turn it back on again ??? Are you using the wireless software supplied or Windows to configure it ?


  Dentman 09:08 21 Dec 2006

Thank you for taking the time to reply, it really is appreciated.

The laptop is a Fujitsu Siemens (Amilo) with built in wireless. There is no hardware switch. The icon for the wireless connection shows a little monitor with a cross through it and the small half circles radiating from it. We were using Windows to configure it.

Hope this helps and many thanks again for your time.

  mgmcc 09:12 21 Dec 2006

Sometimes with built-in Wireless Network Adapters, the adapter is in the body of the laptop with the aerial in the screen section. If the wire connecting the two breaks, through continually opening and closing the laptop, there is no aerial and the adapter cannot find any networks.

It is difficult to be certain that this is the problem, but you might save yourself a lot of grief by buying a USB or PCMCIA Wireless Adapter to plug in. ;)

  Dentman 21:10 21 Dec 2006

Couldn't face trying to open the laptop, to have a look, so went with your suggestion and bought a USB plug in and it worked fine - phew!!

Many thanks again.

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