Laptop to Wired Network Help please

  Kase 18:39 01 May 2006

I wish to buy a Laptop Computer as a present for my wife I have the following questions:

1) At present I have 2 Pc's and an Apple Mac on a Wired Network

2)What hardware do I need to add to the Wired Network for the Laptop to be connected as wireless connection ?.

3)I wish to make the Wireless connection safe. What do I need to do this ?.

4)My Wife does not need an all singing and dancing Laptop and as such the price range is £550-£650.00 any ideas on a suitable purchase ?.

Your help would be appreciated

  mgmcc 19:47 01 May 2006

<<< What hardware do I need to add to the Wired Network for the Laptop to be connected as wireless connection >>>

Assuming that the laptop has wireless capability built-in, then you only need a "Wireless Access Point" which can be plugged into a spare LAN port in your router. However, stand-alone Wireless Access Points tend to be very expensive compared to Wireless Routers (which incorporate a Wireless Access Point). It might be no more expensive to buy a Wireless Router and replace your existing one.

<<< I wish to make the Wireless connection safe. What do I need to do this >>>

The Wireless Access Point will have the facility for securing your wireless connection - WEP or WPA encryption and MAC address filtering.

MAC address filtering allows you to enter the MAC address of those wireless adapters that are allowed to connect to the Wireless Access Point, other adapters will be blocked.

  Kase 16:58 05 May 2006

mgmcc Many thanks for the prompt reply. My Wired Network is a Zoom ADSL Modem and a Netgear 100 Base-TX Fast Ethernet Hub FE104 I do not have a Router. A visit to PC World has only added to the confusion. I wish to keep the PC's Wired am I correct in thinking from your reply I should purchase just a Router with an access point. All the ports on the Hub are in use how do I connect the Router into the Wired Network. Sorry to be a pest your help appreciated.


  [DELETED] 19:08 05 May 2006

I must agree with mgmcc's thinking; your most economical option for incorporating wireless functionality is a wireless router, which - as you are an ADSL subscriber - will need to be a modem/router.

I know that this means making two existing items redundant, but it's either that or the greater expense of a WAP. WAP's are more expensive only because of the economy of scale in production.

It will also be a lot simpler to setup than the three-item setup that you were proposing.

And what is to stop you from retaining the Ethernet part of your domain; all wireless routers have RJ45 ports, and there is almost always four of them, which I presume should be enough.

  [DELETED] 19:09 05 May 2006

WAP's should be WAPs. Errant apostrophe!

  Kase 08:39 06 May 2006

ade.h Thanks for your reply and advise I think I will go along with your suggestion. I am looking to take an upgrade to 8MB and Bt are stating a new Modem is a must so new equipment will be needed. I will purchase a new Modem Router which brings a further decisions which Modem Router 8MB is a good reliable buy?.

mgmcc Thanks for pointing me in the right direction

  [DELETED] 09:12 06 May 2006

US Robotics is the best one, it also has a built in print server and by default is set to encription enabled. You might struggle to find where to buy it.

  Kase 12:11 06 May 2006

marsman Many thanks for the reply. Do you have a model Number please?.


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