Laptop wired 30meter cable or homeplug to tv

  [DELETED] 18:29 24 Jan 2011

Hi,I have xp desktop Dell 6years old wired to router,laptop Vista wirelessly.I would like to play video from laptop to tv via hdmi cable but sometimes lose video for some time during play.Should I simply buy 30 metre ethernet from router in other room to laptop while in living 'wired' or alternitely buy homeplugs ethernet to router and plug in living room? I'm quite confused with the concepts with the ease or problems of either. Many thanks

  dms_05 08:38 25 Jan 2011

Either will work. A cable would be a good solution if you can run it easily - 30m isn't a problem.

HomePlug/PowerLine are also acceptable if you are unable to run the 30m cable.

Cable will always be faster but HomePlug should be easily fast enough even with a slower speed adaptor.

Chose which is easiest for you. Cable is cheap if you buy it from ebay whereas HomePlug is likely to cost £40-50 as you need a pair.

One advantage of HomePlug is you can easily move the adaptors to different mains sockets so you have a very flexible system. Always plug the adaptor directly into a socker and don't use any form of flying lead.

  mgmcc 08:40 25 Jan 2011

There is nothing to cause confusion with an ethernet connection. You plug one end of the cable into a LAN port in the router and the other end into the computer's network port and that's it. Unlike "wireless", you don't need to search for available networks and then go through a procedure to "Connect".

With Homeplugs, you run an ethernet cable from the router to a Homeplug and, in the other location, a second ethernet cable from a Homeplug to the computer. I haven't used Homeplugs but understand they're "plug & play", so there shouldn't be anything to configure with them either.

I would have thought the Homeplug solution is the neater, unless you are able to hide the run of ethernet cable.

  [DELETED] 09:01 25 Jan 2011

dms_05 & mgmcc, Thank you both very much for responses.Using the cable seems easiest and cheapest method.I will only be doing it occasionally and cable will not be in way for long periods,only as and when needed.You both have reassured me about ease of using cable without 'palaver' involved with WiFi.I thank you both very much.Ian

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