Laptop wipe memory urgent

  confused80 16:03 26 Jan 2010

Hi all

I have someone coming today to buy my laptop its a Compaq Presario A910. I need to wipe the laptop clean of its memory, can anyone please advise on how this can be done, I do not have a lot of time, and I do not have the windows vista disks either to reinstall. I have heard there are websites that do this also, but do these websites then completely wipe the operating system to i.e Windows Vista?

As you can tell I am new to all this so any advice is greatly appreciated.


  oldbeefer2 16:09 26 Jan 2010

Your laptop may have the backup for the operating system in a hidden partition. Try tapping F8 on startup to see if that takes you to the option page. I'm sure others, more ecpert than me, will comment, but it's a starting point as time is tight.

  chub_tor 16:10 26 Jan 2010

You can use this click here to delete the contents of your files that contain data such as My Documents, your emails etc. Just be careful how you use it so that you don't destroy any operating files. Also use CCleaner click here to delete your Internet Browser history, cookies etc.

  oldbeefer2 16:10 26 Jan 2010

More advice here click here

  chub_tor 16:12 26 Jan 2010

Good suggestion, hadn't thought of that one.

  confused80 16:21 26 Jan 2010

Thanks, if I use the CC cleaner, does anyone know how long this will take to complete? Or if I restore to factory settings how long will this take?
In addition if I restore to factory settings, can my files/emails/photos etc still be retrieved in anyway?

Thanks a lot.

  chub_tor 16:35 26 Jan 2010

CCleaner works very quickly but it does not do anything to delete your data files. Restoring to Factory settings, which is an excellent suggestion, would I guess take an hour or so and if you do so you will lose all your data - the laptop will be just like when you first bought it. All the updates and programmes that you have added will be lost. You will not be able to retrieve your data after you have done a Factory Reset.

  confused80 16:39 26 Jan 2010

But what is the point of the CC cleaner if I just do a factory reset?
If I am selling the laptop does it make a difference if all updates/programs are lost in the process?


  chub_tor 16:58 26 Jan 2010

If you do a factory reset then you don't need CCleaner and no it makes no difference to you if the updates and programmes are lost - your buyer can do that himself.

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