laptop will not turn on

  karl1483 14:34 14 Mar 2005

I have a laptop that has been working fine for as long as I can remember. I went to turn it on a Saturday and it would not power up. The laptop shows there is power going to it from the adapter and the power light is lit.
The cooling fan starts and then stops after about a second I think I can hear the hard drive but I am not sure.
The laptop is a Pentium 3 1ghz processor it has 256mb of ram and is running win ME I have done nothing to it recently other than restore it to a previous restore point after getting a windows protection error.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to why it won’t power up. I have some university work on the hard drive I would like to get (I do back up just encase of something like this).any help would be greatly appreciated


  Woodie29 14:45 14 Mar 2005

Try removing the battery and putting it back on after about ten mins - when the battery is off make sure it is not faulty there should be a tester on there as it may be absorbing all the power - otherwise disconnect the power and battery leave overnight and re power up see if that helps??

  zarobian 15:28 14 Mar 2005

Woodie29 is right. I think your battery is shorted out. Just remove the battery and power up your laptop with AC adopter only. If it now comes on then you need a new battery.

You can still use it with the AC Adopter in the absence of a battery.

  karl1483 15:38 14 Mar 2005

i have tried all that and it still wont work with or without battery, i think th battery has been knackered for some time.

  woodchip 15:48 14 Mar 2005

Get the Vac and see if you can clear the vents it sounds like the CPU shutting down. Overheating or a Hair dryer on cool and blow the debris out

  karl1483 15:52 14 Mar 2005

when i turn on the laptop i can hear noises it sounds like the hdd is working and the cpu fan is going but not sure.but it just shuts down there isnt even a flicker on the screen

  Woodie29 21:14 14 Mar 2005

can you get any response from the laptop when you are on AC power?

  karl1483 22:01 14 Mar 2005

i have left the laptop alone for a bit and went to it an hour ago and tried to turn on and low and behold it worked.
i then turned it off and tried to turn on again nothing.
what little power there is in battery does seem to do something but only for a nano second get hdd led flashing. when i use ac power it apears to start(sort of ) sounds like processor fan is going and also hdd also cdrom light is on but fan at back flicks on and off in an instant. i have to solid lights indicating power from ac(a plug symbol) and led for power itself. i really am purplexed

  woodchip 23:16 14 Mar 2005

Remove the battery and just try without

  zarobian 07:44 15 Mar 2005

Is your AC Adopter is working? I think you might have a damaged wire which may make contact intermittingly.Can you borrow a similar to your's from a friend to try. You may not be charging your battery too.

  Goodtime 12:45 15 Mar 2005

When you power down do you close the lid? If you do there is a sensor which tells the monitor or hard drives to power down (depending on the type of profile you are running). See if you can find the button or sensor and chack for dust. otherwise next time you get it to work change your power profiles so as when you close the lid nothing is to happen.


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