Laptop will not start up, no cursor.

  Envy33 13:09 04 Jul 2014

Hi, my faithful HP Pavilion DV6 has been refusing to start up lately. When I press the power button the power is obviously there and I hear the usual soft fan noise but there is no flashing cursor and am therefore not able to boot up. Occasionally, I have been able to start it by repeatedly doing hard resets but can take me an hour or more of doing it. The last time I just left the machine on so that I could access my files and copy them to a new laptop. Whilst the laptop was 'on' I did a factory reset as was advised by a computer repair man that it would probably solve the issue? The reset went well and am now left with a lovely clean laptop but after shutting it down I find I still have the same problem, so nothing has been resolved. Has anyone any thoughts please? Thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:09 04 Jul 2014

remove an refit the hard drive to remake the connections.

it sounds like the hard drive may be failing so if you get it started make sure you copy the serial nos or recovery partition to an external drive and then look at possibly fitting a new drive..

  Envy33 20:56 04 Jul 2014

Thank you for your suggestion. I did as you suggested and also took photographs of the hard drive labels etc but the initial problem still remains. Think I will have to admit defeat and take it into a repair shop.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:00 04 Jul 2014

is there any sound of the hard drive running?

  Envy33 22:53 04 Jul 2014

No I only hear what I believe is the fan as that starts as soon as I press the power button. I believe the hard drive does not usually kick in until later on. The fact I do not get a flashing cursor I presume means there is no booting up either. Grateful for your thoughts. Will take it for testing locally.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:51 04 Jul 2014

when you said reset, did you mean

remove power and battery press and hold power button for 39 seconds

refit power cable and attempt to boot off mains only

  rdave13 00:26 05 Jul 2014

Envy33 buy a 2.5" sata drive as they're cheap enough. Swap out the dying drive and install the new one (physically).

Use the four DVDs that you created when the lappy was new, starting with the first one obviously, and start the laptop, ignore the monitor output, insert the first DVD restore disc in the optical drive, press and hold the start/off button on the keyboard. The laptop should safely shutdown. Wait a few seconds and press the start button again. It should boot from the DVD and follow instructions.

It should only cost you a new hard disk if you created those HP restore discs... and a bit of time.

  mole1944 05:52 05 Jul 2014

Sounds silly i know but the boot sequence might be looking for a cd/usb and failing to boot because it can't find the operating system, i once had left my ipod plugged in and it took 3 hours to figure it out, i know doh doh doh lol,even swapped a cloned drive,felt really silly.

  alanrwood 09:48 05 Jul 2014

If the boot fails on the first choice it will default to the next one ie CD to HDD or vice versa.

It does sound as though the hard drive is failing. Only real way to check under these circumstances is to open up the laptop to get access to the HDD and switch on whilst lightly touching the HDD to sense any vibrations. If none then the drive is either dead or the power supply to it is not there. It gets technical from there so the easiest way to proceed is to borrow a HDD from a mate and fit it in and see if that one starts.

One thing to try now is to produce the Recovery Disks if you have not done so already so you might need to spend some time booting and rebooting until it does work (hopefully as you say it did work on occasions).

  Envy33 15:47 09 Jul 2014

Thought it may be useful to report back after I took laptop in to be checked. Apparently it needs a new motherboard as well as a hard drive due to bad sectors so was advised it is not worth repairing. ah well.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:56 09 Jul 2014

Thanks for the feedback.

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