Laptop will not start

  WtheM 09:47 15 Feb 2007

Hi, I have an acer laptop with windows xp. When i try to start it, it seems to be locking up. The acer logo page appears, with press f2 to enter, and thats as far as it goes. Pressing f2 has no effect. To get it to start properly, i have to press f2 as i turn the laptop on, and sometimes this works and it fires up as normalAny suggestions please??

  vinnyT 10:36 15 Feb 2007

Check that the f key lock is on, on my pc when it starts, the f lock is on, then almost immediately turns off, so pressing any of the f keys is useless untill I turn the key function back on.

This may be happening in your case, it maybe that by pressing the Fn key, then F2, it solves your prob.

Hope this helps.

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