laptop will not fire up

  ronec1 12:59 20 Jul 2014

My laptop will not start. I had trouble a few days ago where it would not get past the Windows start screen, the one where the bar runs across the bottom of the screen. I switched off and started again, then it was okay. Today it would not start, so I tried it in safe mode. It started okay, so I shut down and tried again. It would not get past the same start screen again, so I tried in safe mode with networking, so I could ask the question. It would not get past the loading drivers in safe mode. I tried it twice more and it has stopped in the same place. The HDD light just stops flickering and the computer locks. Ideas please.

  ronec1 13:14 20 Jul 2014

Hi, I did try 'last known config.., but that did not work either, sorry should have said.

  ronec1 13:48 20 Jul 2014

I have got it sorted, for the moment anyway. I tried System Repair and it came up with; 'System volume corrupt, started chkdsc, error 0/0.' I started the computer as normal and it all appears okay.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:18 20 Jul 2014

while its working back up all your important stuff

could be signs of a failing drive

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