laptop will not connect

  eccy92 21:53 14 Oct 2008

I have recently purchased a acer aspire 5715z running vista basic. However it won't connect wirelessly to my router which is a Thompson speedtouch 580. The laptop is showing the router but won't connect to the internet and have got the message - The wireless secruity settings on the computer do not match settings on speedtouch 76D7D2.
However it will connect to the internet when I use the ethernet cable.
I currently run windows xp on my other laptop and have no trouble connecting on that do you think it could be that vista isn't compatible with the router thanks for looking David

  The Kestrel 22:04 14 Oct 2008

Two things to try:

1) In your router settings, under wireless settings, there may be a wireless station access list. If so your new laptop will probably be identified as an unknown device. You will need to add it to the trusted wireless station list.

2) Is your wireless network protected by WEP or another security encryption? If so you will need to enter the code on the new laptop to gain access to the wireless network.

  T I M B O 22:04 14 Oct 2008

Sometimes with these new lap tops there is a small switch to connect wiresley. Check out ur instruction booklet. Normally vista and wireless connections are so easy, so do check out that switch.

I only know this cos my SONY has a switch also and i called a help line to get me on the net lol.

Best of luck...

  tullie 22:05 14 Oct 2008

Youve connected with the cable and it found your network,you should be able to pull cable out,switch on yourlaptop wireless and find your connection going to the two little monitors in your taskbar.

  baldydave 22:26 14 Oct 2008

Look on the bottom or side of your router it will give wep key and wpa key also network name.
search for network on the laptop or enter network manually remember to add wep or wpa (wpa more secure),this should connect you.

  eccy92 23:37 14 Oct 2008

thanks for the replys I have entered the passcode that is on the side of the router. Also checked the router settings couldn't see anything about wireless access list even tryed to connect by switching of the secruity on the router still no luck.As you say it should be easy to connect wirelessly put for some reason this isn't. The switch on the laptop is on because it is showing all the networks in range including mine i have no trouble with my other laptop running xp is there a chance the router isn't compatible or shouldn't that matter

  T I M B O 23:39 14 Oct 2008

Did you ream my comments ??

  Ashrich 23:47 14 Oct 2008

Try accessing the router set up pages and change the security code to something else , another WEP or WPA code , not necessarily anything longer or shorter , just different , oddly that quite often makes a difference . Make a careful note of what you change it to , especially as it is case sensitive , as you will need to enter the new security code on the XP machine as well .


  T I M B O 23:48 14 Oct 2008

OMG my type lol

Did you read my comments, so lap tops have a switch to enable ur wireless connection

  Ashrich 23:52 14 Oct 2008

Forgot to say , delete the profile for your previous attempts from both XP and Vista before trying to reconnect after changing ( for XP , double click on wireless icon on taskbar , on the left of the page look for " manage wireless networks , highlight yours and click on delete . Vista , open Network and Sharing Center , on left side look for the same , manage wireless networks , find your routers profile , highlight and click on delete ) That will leave you clear to enter the new code on your network .


  eccy92 23:53 14 Oct 2008

yes timbo I did I have used the switch to turn the wireless on and off it tells you on the screen if it is on or off and when it is on all the networks in range are displayed

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