Laptop will not Boot up

  bernvs 19:51 19 Nov 2014

I have a Medion Laptop (using Vista) which will not boot up. Message states that boot configuration is corrupt and displays: $WINDOWS.~BT\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WINLOAD.EXE and STATUS:0xc000000f I tried using the Recovery Disk and the Applications and Support Disk that came with the Laptop but neither will start before the above message. Is this terminal?

  Ian in Northampton 20:21 19 Nov 2014

Can you not boot from the recovery disk? You may need to enable the option in the BIOS to boot first from CD/DVD.

  bernvs 20:52 19 Nov 2014

Thanks for reply but the info above is the very first thing that appears on screen after pressing the start button. Will not react to the disks when they are in the tray before pressing start.

  bernvs 15:15 20 Nov 2014

Thanks for reply Jockie. Sorry to be a bit dim but which key is reboot? As it is I do not require any of the contents of the drive so perhaps there is a program that I could download onto a CD on my desktop and use that to wipe the laptop Hard drive.

  Jollyjohn 16:02 20 Nov 2014

Try pressing F2 or DEl as laptop starts - one of them should get you into Setup / BIOS - this is where you can set laptop to boot from CD first - then your recovery disks will work.

Other options F8, F12 or Tab - Remember to save and exit from setup.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:29 20 Nov 2014

Tap F8 as it boots and see if you can get to the Advance tools menu

what windows xp vista 7?

if you can select startup repair then try that

if XP the select command prompt and at command prompt type

chkdsk /r

press enter

it may repair the corrupt sectors on the drive and let you boot.

  bernvs 21:36 20 Nov 2014

Many thanks to you both. Will try that tomorrow.

  bernvs 11:56 28 Nov 2014

I was getting as far as the "expand" step on reinstalling Windows Vista where it froze on 0%. After many attempts to start again in desperation I pressed every function key from 6 - 12 and suddenly the install disk started up again and success fully installed. Many thanks. Now I have another problem. See new entry.

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