Laptop Webcam not working

  mark3986 21:05 03 Feb 2010

hi my gfs laptop webcam isnt working it comes up with a red circle with a line through it when u try use it.theres no yellow triangles in device manager

  Technotiger 21:44 03 Feb 2010

What laptop?

  mark3986 22:10 03 Feb 2010

samsung R510

  Technotiger 22:23 03 Feb 2010

Have you tried updating the webcam driver from the Samsung site?

  mark3986 01:52 04 Feb 2010

yeah it didnt fix it mate

  Technotiger 10:17 04 Feb 2010

No yellow triangles in devices and a 'no entry' sign, are leading me to think that perhaps it is the program being used with the camera, rather than the camera itself. Try using the camera with a different program, or re-install the program - I am thinking along the lines of something like Skype or MSN Messenger etc.

  keef66 11:58 04 Feb 2010

We got the same lappy. I'll have a look tonite

  mark3986 13:43 04 Feb 2010

ok thanks keef66

  keef66 11:19 09 Feb 2010

Thought there might be some shortcut keys for turning the thing on and off, but there's nothing obvious. I'll have a rummage through the on-screen manual thing if I get a moment.

  keef66 12:23 10 Feb 2010

No clues in there either. The only controls for the webcam seem to be within the 'Play Camera' software, and there is no option to turn the thing on and off, just change the resolution, colour balance, file locations etc.

What happens if you launch the Play Camera thing on yours??

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