Laptop Virus

  m800afc 12:10 28 Jul 2008

Asus M6800VA; XP pro SP3

My laptop has a virus. I first noticed, in small letters to the right of the time, in the system tray "Virus Alert" So far AVG has not found anything. Exiting AVG and running Avast also proved fruitless. All my previous system restore points have gone, and two remain from today:
07:39 Virus Alert! System Checkpoint
I am unable to access My Computer, and am unable to Access any hard drive. I am also unable to access Safe Mode. All of the items on the right hand side of the start menu have disappeared.
I am now working my way through antivirus scans, one at a time.
If this rings a bell with anyone I would be very glad of some help.

  brundle 12:09 28 Jul 2008

Leave your resident AV installed and use the kaspesrky AVP - isn't it worth paying for a proven one if you don't trust the freebies?

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  brundle 12:10 28 Jul 2008

Amazing, I answered before the question was posted..

  Ditch999 12:28 28 Jul 2008

How many anti virus programmes have you installed?
You mention Avira, Avast and AVG then say "I am now working my way through antivirus scans, one at a time"

You can only have one anti virus programme installed at a time.

  provider 2 12:51 28 Jul 2008

If it`s this, then remaval may take some time:

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  m800afc 14:50 28 Jul 2008

Provider 2
This seems to be the problem. I will work through the options and report back.

I only ever have one AV at a time. When I know I have a problem that is not picked up by the resident AV, I uninstall the resident and install a different one, and so on.

  m800afc 12:39 30 Jul 2008

I have managed to restore my laptop to full health, thanks to the link fron provider 2.
It was a bitt fiddly, but worked. It is worth noting that, on a laptop, in safe mode, you may not have access to all the options in the sart menu. I solved that by switching to the classic mode of start menu.
I then did a full registry clean, and cleared out wasted space, using CCleaner. Following that I defragged the hard drive, and made a new system resore point. I then backed up the laptop.
Thanks again to provider 2 for an excellent link.

  provider 2 12:58 30 Jul 2008


I`m very glad to see you`ve got it fixed and many thanks for the additional info feedback.

To prevent this happening again, may I suggest you install Avast! 4.8 and SpywareBlaster? There are no conflicts as far as I`m aware and the combination will provide a pretty solid defence.

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