Laptop very hot!!!

  Rhuddlan 21:05 28 Jul 2004

I have an IBM 1400 series laptop with win 98 and after about an hour on the comp, with only ie open, the base of the comp is very hot, after keeping my hands on the base for only 10 seconds, i burn my hands!!! Tha laptop is quite old with
2Gb hard drives and a Pentium processor at 400Mhz, so is this normal??? as the comp is about 7 years old, or isn't it that bad??? Regards, Rhuddlan.

  TBH1 21:09 28 Jul 2004

no help to you at all here, mate but my works PC, a Compaw Evo N620C or something similar, runs very hot when under battery power, but a lot cooler from the mains.

There, told you no help at all - - - I'll get me coat !!!

  woodchip 21:12 28 Jul 2004

I just bought a new Laptop Celeron 2.2Gh It tells you in the manual not to have it on your Lap, or it will burn you. I thought the point was to have it on your lap! but it is too hot to keep it there.

  woodchip 21:14 28 Jul 2004

And it's on Mains not tried it with Battery trying to save that for when I need it, £160 for a new one, MEDION Laptop

  Rhuddlan 21:17 28 Jul 2004

The adapter for the laptop is on it's last legs so is this probably why, so it is always connected via the adapter, so I have to keep it on the office table from now on, that's until I get a new adapter!!! Will keeping it connected via the adapter damage the hard disks or processor as the comp is getting so hot very quickly???

  woodchip 21:33 28 Jul 2004

The adapter will work or not work, There is no in-between, The problem may be dost inside the Laptop. Only thing for that is a can of air take the battery out and the bottom off and give it some blow through the top vents to blow out dirt from bottom, also try revers blow

  TBH1 21:33 28 Jul 2004

I am a 'virgin' where laptops are concerned (now then don't be rude !!) but I thought it did barttery good to drain every now and then. Probably wrong - -

  johnsims 21:38 28 Jul 2004

You are absolutely right. You should run the laptop on battery until it bleeps at you, then plug it in and recharge. I totally knackered my battery by running the thing from the mains all the time with the battery still in the laptop. If you are going to run from the mains, it is better to remove the battery altogether. Li-ion batteries need to be fully discharged and then recharged every so often to prolong their working life.

  woodchip 21:39 28 Jul 2004

It does that's the was to rejuvenate one. But not using it till needed should make it last longer

  TBH1 21:40 28 Jul 2004

"barttery" - - - bet you thought I was turning into a snob there - - - :-)

  woodchip 21:42 28 Jul 2004

It should be discharged four times according to what I read on the Net By just leaving it switched on without the power lead connected

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