Laptop use at locations other than home.

  dave h 14:46 25 Jun 2004

I have just obtained a laptop for use on my travels.

The idea is to use it to get on the internet when I need to access my E-Mails away from home.

I assume I will have to subscribe to a 'pay as you go' ISP? (on my home Desktop computer I am on Broadband).

Anyone got any advice/suggestions on how to do it?

Thanx in advance.

  Kate B 15:00 25 Jun 2004

Beware, picking up emails via a dialup while abroad can cost you a small fortune! I suggest you sign up with an ISP that has lots of local dialup numbers - I've used AT&T in the past, you could also try AOL. Alternatively, you could find out if there's a good local ISP in the places you go to the most: I had a spate of going to Thailand and ended up spending a few quid on a Thai dialup that had loads of local numbers and cost me buttons to dial from hotel rooms.

Hotel phones are notoriously disgustingly expensive - you should try and avoid dialing anything other than a local number from a hotel room anywhere in the world. To be honest, these days I'd rather nip into an internet cafe and pick up my email that way rather than lugging a precious laptop and running up extortionate phone bills.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:07 25 Jun 2004

I prefer to use Internet cafes...they are all over the place, cheapo and there is no need to worry about getting your laptop robbed/throat cut by people who need to work for 15 years to own one;-)).

If you are travelling on business then that is a different matter. If you have a wireless connection then this will help.... click here Starbucks offer wireless connection.

You can subscribe to AOL as it has out-of-town connections but you will be reliant on finding a spare phone point that you can use. it is unlikely that you could use your home ISP.

I have assumed that you are travelling abroad; if you mean in Blighty you still stand the chance of being robbed etc. but you can subscribe to Tiscali Pay As You Go and can connect from any phone point in the UK. The owner is charged the cost of a local call, so it might be wise to get permission. Other ISPs have similar services.


  dave h 15:14 25 Jun 2004

Thanx for the input so far.

I should have said that I will only be using it in the UK and at Friends and relatives houses.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:16 25 Jun 2004

Pay As You Go then or you could use MSN explorer which is the same as PAYG. I use Tiscali when travelling about but I'm sure the other ISPs do a similar deal. There is no sign up or up front fees, the only costs are local calls.


  Spanglish 15:53 25 Jun 2004

I use Tiscali as does GANDALF , and it works for me, Though Not fast.

  Rogerfredo 16:49 25 Jun 2004

I would like some more detailed info on how I can read and delete emails when away from base.
I have a broadband NTL account at home.
Is it possible to access my post from another computer that is not set up with my account address etc?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:44 25 Jun 2004

Yes, go to NTL homepage and copy down the settings for POP and SMTP click here . Then create a new account using the Outlook 'add new account' wizard on the other computer to collect your mail. The other computer does not need to be on BB.


  wee eddie 20:04 25 Jun 2004

How do you decide how much to pay/tip your host.

It would be good to be able to pre-pay as one does at home, in the style of Freeserve or Openworld, but I don't think that this is possible.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:32 25 Jun 2004

Basically the cost is between 4p and 1p /minute depending on whether you are on peak or non-peak time. Personally, I would be embarrassed to ask someone the price of a pint for using my connection for an hour or so.


  Rogerfredo 20:38 25 Jun 2004

Thanks Gandalf, but this would have to be on your own computer, and not an Internet Cafe for example?

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