Laptop USB Connectors

  Polopaul69™ 02:46 05 Dec 2006

I think i've figured out the problem but just wanted to check. A friends laptop is on Toucan Broadband which when subscribed came with the Speedtouch ADSL modem which they are using to connect to the internet. On the front of the USB ADSL modem is two lights which are usually both green.

Occasionally one of the lights goes out and the other turns to red then goes out completely.

Now i've had a look on her system and checked and refreshed the USB ports (as well as removing and reinstalling them) and also checked the power consumption on them and i am concluding that perhaps her USB ports are faulty. The ADSL modem is USB powered so i do not think that the modem is the problem.

I'm more than happy to upgrade and repair Desktop PC's but on laptops only ever change memory, battery, hard drive etc so rather than spending alot of money trying to get those fixed, i have suggested she thinks about buying a USB 2.0 Cardbus Pcmcia Adapter (for example from EBuyer: click here)

Her current Laptop is only USB 1.1 so theoretically this should give her USB 2.0

Would you think i have made the right choice or does anyone know of another solution?

  ed-0 03:07 05 Dec 2006

You are probably right. How about click here from maplins electronics for £14.99. If it doesn't work, then maplins will usually restock them;-)

Harlow tried them out at the weekend click here.

  Polopaul69™ 12:37 05 Dec 2006

One other thing that could be something. Her laptop battery if not connected through the mains normally lasts for 3-4 minutes so pretty flat. She knows she needs a new one, but as its normally connected to the mains power supply, could that have any effect on the USB ports.

The 2 USB ports are on either ends of her laptop but both of them suffer the same fault.

Could the battery be at fault?

  ed-0 12:52 05 Dec 2006

If it is plugged into the mains, that should override the battery. You do sometimes ( on older laptops ) get usb failure, on some devices, when the battery is low and the machine is not connected to the mains.

If the battery is that bad, just run it without the battery fitted. Let it run purely off the mains adapter.

It may be worth doing that before they invest in a PCMCIA card.

  Polopaul69™ 13:01 05 Dec 2006

Funny that. That was exactly what i just said to her on the phone.

Great minds think alike.

Will see if i can pinch a friends PCMCIA USB card before i go and get her one, but being honest, she's only got USB 1 on her old laptop so theoretically this should enabe USB 2 for her.

She got confused when i started saying PCMCIA so had to refer to it as the thing that goes in the hole on the side that you thought was the floppy.

Will let you know what happens,,

  ed-0 13:05 05 Dec 2006

Jolly good, Oh great mind ;-))

Let us know how you get on.

and yes it will give her usb2.0

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