Laptop unusably slow unknown reason

  Ashley Pitt 22:36 26 Jul 2018

3 years ago I bought a refurbished ACER - Aspire ES1-512 (4gb ram, windows 8.1, 500gb), after having it 6 months or so it completely died, no power, no charging light etc, so I sent it to knowhow as I bought through Curry's. When I got it back it ran unbelievably slow, taking up to 10 seconds to open the start menu whilst doing nothing else and struggling to do anything at all (nothing like it's previous performance) I spoke to knowhow who said to wipe it but then as it was a refurb I didn't have the windows to reinstall so it went back to them. I got it back and still the same problems. At this point I thought with Windows 10 being free it might be easier to run so I installed that and had no improvement what so ever, so I sent it back again this time purely for the performance issue.when I got it back there was no change. I installed Windows 10 again out of desperation but when that didn't work I gave up on the laptop. I've recently decided to give it a second chance and I'm struggling to find a problem. At first it would connect to the internet but have no access, at this point I realised that when not connected to the internet it had almost zero lag. I fixed this with some commands I found online, but then came the lag, I've ran task manager and bar a few instances the CPU generally started at 23% usage, the memory at about 50% and the disk jumping around 15-30% whilst doing nothing but running antivirus scan. Entering task manager, opening settings or start menu, opening chrome all start with a 5-15 second wait, whilst the disk shoots between 35-100% any actions like scrolling in a web page have a 5 second delay etc etc.

As it has been factory reset so often and barely used it has lots of disk space, loads of room on the hard drive, I've cancelled steam etc from loading as the laptop turns on but nothing seems to have an affect. If the overnight virus scan comes back with nothing then I really don't have the first clue as to what to do next.

Can anyone help?

P.s. Sorry for the life story

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