Laptop to TV Sound on 1 channel pictures on anothe

  bexik 23:06 12 May 2009

Help! I am trying to watch a movie using my laptop(acer) connected to my lcd tv (LG), using (i don't know the proper terms) 15 pin connection for pictures with seperate audio lead 3.5 jack one end, 1 red 1 white the other. PROBLEM - I have pictures on one channel and the sound is on another. I would really appreciate it if you could take thetime to tell me what I am doing wrong! Thanks, Bex

  DieSse 00:37 13 May 2009

You're not using channels exactly - you're using direct inputs to the TV (normally called AV1, AV2 etc on your TV remote.) You must have connected the picture to one input and the sound to a different one.

Read your TV manual to find out which sound input is associated with which picture input.

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