Laptop to TV via hdmi, changing TV screen resolution

  AroundAgain 21:24 31 May 2014

Hi Last evening, at a friend's, his laptop was connected to his TV via hdmi cable and straight away, it duplicated/cloned his desktop on the TV screen. Brilliant!

However, at some point, while we were experimenting with the different ways of using the TV display, a window came up on the TV to do with best resolution etc so we clicked OK. Hmm, it hasn't worked properly after that.

So, somehow we changed the TV screen resolution, I think, but don't know how to get it back to what it was, no matter where we looked on the laptop. The laptop screen's resolution settings were all the same as they were, not changed.

We gave up trying to resolve this after some time.

Can someone advise as to how to change the TV screen resolution to what it needs to be for projecting the desktop. As far as I know, as a TV, it is still working OK.

I'd be grateful for any help and suggestions, please


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:55 31 May 2014

Make and model of TV?

  BRYNIT 00:48 01 Jun 2014

The screen resolution would have been changed on your laptop.

When you selected duplicate/clone due to the different resolutions it will try and select the best resolution for both screen but one may look OK and the other slightly distorted. Sometimes it will give a warning with a message. I have found unless the two are the same resolution you should us extend these displays as it allows the monitor and TV to keep there original resolutions. A 32"+ LED HD TV's usually has a resolution of 1920x1080 @ 60Hz you'd have to check what your laptop and TV should be.

If you right click on the desk top and select screen resolution you should see 2 screen numbered 1 & 2 only if you have the TV connected. From here you should be able to select each screen and set their correct resolution.

Depending on graphics card you may also have a AMD Catalyst Control centre or Nvdia Control Panel these allow further adjustments to the monitors.

  AroundAgain 23:27 01 Jun 2014

Hi Fruit Bat and Brynit

Firstly, my apologies for not responding before this. I have only just found that there were any replies to my post. For some reason, I haven't had any email notification. So, I'll obviously need to check the settings on my account. I've previously had email notifications so I don't know what's change!

Now, Fruit Bat, all I know is the TV was a Technicks, possibly a 19". I can get the model details if necessary

Brynit, thanks for your explanation. Definitely, in playing around the other evening, a window popped up on the TV to change resolution. I clicked 'yes' (I think) assuming this was the best thing to do in this circumstance and it was as a result of this that we lost the ability to project properly.

It certainly sounds as if the resolution needs to be changed back, although I don't know what the original resolution on the TV was to start with. It's good to know how to go about changing this, as and when, or if, linking that laptop with that TV. Strangely enough, it worked fine with my laptop, both before and after this messing about.

We did find that a 3rd 'monitor' came into play too but we deleted that one. We were experimenting to get 'extension' rather than duplicate/clone, just for the fun of it, which was what messed it up in the first place. Again, it worked ok on my laptop.

It's duplicate/clone that we were using the TV for, from my laptop, as 3 of us meet regularly to learn Photoshop (Elements). The TV is easier, and better, than projector, to allow all three of us, sitting around the dining table, to see what I am doing on laptop.

Anyway, it's obvious we need to understand more about this before messing about with it any more. Fortunately, as I said, it works fine with my laptop, so all is still OK. I'd just like to understand it better.

Thanks very much. When I get the opportunity to play around on this other laptop with TV, I'll do so. I'll try to post back what I discover to be the solution, so that this thread may be of use to anyone else.

Thanks a lot Cheers

The TV is fine for normal TV use, I'm pleased to say, and with much relief to me ;)

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