Laptop to TV connecting HELP

  snoop001 17:00 31 Jul 2007

Hi all !

I've got a big problem . My laptop is a sony vaio fs415b with Intel gma 900 graphiccard and there is no S-video out just the VGA out . I got the
VGA to TV Converter S VIDEO & RCA out ADAPTER PC TO TV from the ebay .
click here

but when i connencted the tv ,it just nothing happened . I've tried it throught the rca cable because the TV has just Scaty or RCA input.

Is it possible to connect through this adapter or I have to buy anithing else ???

THANKS VERY MUCH for the answers and sorry for the poor english

  X™ 17:09 31 Jul 2007

You will need to enable the external VGA out, check in your display settings. Sometimes there is a shortvut for it. FN + F4/5 does it for three laptops I know.

  snoop001 17:17 31 Jul 2007

Thanks X ,

is it FN + F7 on my Vaio,and it was enabled . and still nothing

  Technotiger 17:31 31 Jul 2007

I don't think your lappie has TV Out capability, so no cable you connect will make any difference.

  snoop001 17:38 31 Jul 2007

ive seen some small box somewhere on the internet but i cant find it.
It had a vga and usb input and S-video + RCA out !!
Does anybody know what im talking about ??


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:39 31 Jul 2007

Have you set the TV to the RCA input?

  X™ 17:44 31 Jul 2007

Yeah, acutally that cable probably wont work, you need a converter normally in a box.

  snoop001 17:45 31 Jul 2007

yes,to s-vhs ,and there is 2 more scart

  snoop001 19:12 31 Jul 2007

Found something on the Ebay !!!

click here

What you thing ?? will it work with my laptop ??

thanks very much

  Technotiger 19:15 31 Jul 2007

I still don't think it will work - your lappie does not, as far as I can see, have TV Out capabilities.

  snoop001 21:57 31 Jul 2007

hi technotiger ,

I've just seen on the another forums that it will work with any VGA out .

or my VGA out just for the second monitor ??

i dont undrestand that, the box will just change the output signal from the vga ?? no ??

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