Laptop turns on then... Off?

  RiffDealer 13:55 27 Apr 2017

Pardon my bad title, but i'm not entirely sure how to explain my issue.

First of all, I'm running a Dell Inspiron 1545 with all that includes on windows 7. When I turn it on I hear the fan turn on, light flashing from the disk tray etc but then it seems to abruptly stop with nothing but a light whirring coming from inside. Plus when I go to turn it off, it noticably turns off then, so it wasn't turning itself off. Also, if I leave it on long enough the fan starts up again sounding like a bike with a playing card in it's spokes.

Along with that, it's own display is completely unresponsive (no back light, full off) and when I plug it into my samsung tv it implies no signal and the on button flashes. (Sometimes when it turns off there's a flash of green "glitch", might be an issue with the tv there but might as well throw that in)

Also it's been running without a battery for a long time. That's an obvious issue right there but there's not much I can do about that right now

I've had similar isues like this before but the last few times if I left it on for long enough, it seemed to fix itself over time. (It would take roughly 8 hours in it's unresponsive state and i'd come back to it working fine)

Another prior but more recent issue is that my clock would refuse to update, the first time it set itself forward like 20 years and more commonly it would be stuck at around the same 10 minute span for weeks if I don't re-sync it.

I hope this is enough information to figure out what's going on and how to fix it. A pre-emptive thanks to anyone who responds.

  wee eddie 14:38 27 Apr 2017

a new CMOS Battery for starters

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