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Laptop turns off during install and more..

  Anon-329733 11:37 23 Jan 2020

I had to reinstall my laptop, it powers off during install. When after many attempts it finally installs, it will power off unless i turn off all power saving options (even if i just say turn off screen after x mins) it only stays on if i turn off this as well. Any help would be most appreciated.

  Anon-315336 12:41 26 Jan 2020

try removing the battery if possible sometimes these cause the problem you are having and just use the power supply

  Anon-329733 17:45 26 Jan 2020

Thanks for replies neither of these work. Its so strange laptop was working fine b4 hdd died i just cant get it to stay on long enough to install properly (i got instslled once but was getting freezing mouse pointer i tried win updates but it just powers off. Evwn if i try to install acer updates it still just powers off i have even changed adapter and still no joy

  Anon-2432433 19:49 26 Jan 2020

Take out power supply, take out battery and press the start button for 30 seconds to clear the cache.

Reconnect battery.

  Anon-2432433 22:21 26 Jan 2020

Does it only have one of those small hard drives on it.Could it be a faulty Power supply. Not holding the charge maybe.

  Anon-329733 18:03 27 Jan 2020

Have tried taking out power source and battery, no it has standard 2.5" laptop hdd (which is brand new). Still no luck

  Anon-1823234 18:20 27 Jan 2020

Is your operating system Windows 10? Have you got fast startup enabled? If so you could try disabling this to see if it has any effect.

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