laptop turns off ?

  User-1300263 17:48 13 Feb 2010

hi i have a dv5 hp laptop, workrd fine for about 6 months, started to turn it self off after an hour or so, so i opended it cleaned the fan used new thermal paste ect, but it still turns off, if its not heat what is it ??? help ? thanks

  User-1300263 18:55 13 Feb 2010

yes i reset ram & cpu, thanks

its not drivers i did a recovery from the hp disk so all drivers as shipped thanks

cheers ne way

  rdave13 19:02 13 Feb 2010

Have you checked the power options?

  User-1300263 19:06 13 Feb 2010

hi yes checked settings, got it all set to always on and turn off never, on mains and bat thanks

does anyone know if the sensor that tells the bios the cpu temp is in the cpu or on the m/b thanks

  rdave13 19:17 13 Feb 2010

When it turns itself off is there any indication light showing? I.e. power light or is it totally dead. Thinking it could be the power adaptor or power source if on battery.

  woodchip 21:09 13 Feb 2010

Mine goes off when it wants, but windows is still running in the background. its just that I cannot see nothing on screen, yours may be the same as mine screen just does not show any Graphic but still like a one colour but only pale colour. May be a HP Problem, Windows turn off sounds when pressing the power switch and it then shuts down. will start normal after pressing button till next time

  User-1300263 21:38 13 Feb 2010

when it goes off its total shut down press the power button boots ok thanks

woodchip mine just goes off sorry but thanks

  User-1300263 21:40 13 Feb 2010

when i say shut down i just mean click and all off, no screen windows is shutting down thanks

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