Laptop turned off unexpectedly whilst working

  ponytail 09:41 16 Mar 2018

I was in the middle of sending a reply to my post when the laptop turned off.As I was working downstairs and it was not plugged in I thought the battery was flat so took it upstairs and plugged it in and when I checked the battery level it said 79% consider replacing your battery.Does that mean the battery is at the end of it;s life.

  ponytail 10:17 17 Mar 2018

I have now removed the battery and it is still working so does that mean I just need to get a replacement battery.

  ponytail 10:24 17 Mar 2018

I have put the battery back in for now untill I get a replacement

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:27 17 Mar 2018

If its working Ok while plugged in then the battery is Useless

  ponytail 10:35 17 Mar 2018

So just need to get a new battery but is it ok to leave the battery in untill I get a new one or just work off the mains power.

  alanrwood 11:10 17 Mar 2018

Take your choice, it does not really matter unless the battery is overheating in which case remove it and only use mains power.

  ponytail 14:41 17 Mar 2018

I have just come in after being out for about two hours ant the battery strength was showing 100% so I unplugged it and came on here and within two minutes it had turned off

  alanrwood 15:21 17 Mar 2018

The battery is definitely knackered unless you have the laptop set to sleep after 2 mins when on battery power. Check power options.

  ponytail 10:15 20 Mar 2018

Have ordered a replacement battery which should be here this week.

  ponytail 09:09 25 Mar 2018

Have now fitted the new battery and it is working OK

  leoaubrie 09:24 29 Mar 2018

as I said I still run it directly on charging if you dont move around much than the new battery can wait.

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