Laptop turned off unexpectedly whilst working

  ponytail 09:41 16 Mar 2018

I was in the middle of sending a reply to my post when the laptop turned off.As I was working downstairs and it was not plugged in I thought the battery was flat so took it upstairs and plugged it in and when I checked the battery level it said 79% consider replacing your battery.Does that mean the battery is at the end of it;s life.

  Forum Editor 11:45 16 Mar 2018
  1. How old is the battery?

  2. Do you habitually use the machine on battery power?

The average laptop battery should be good for around 400 to 500 full charges before it starts to lose its capacity to hold a charge.

It's very difficult to give precise figures because conditions of use come into the equation, but after two years most batteries will lose around 80% of their charge capacity, and all of them will need to be replaced after four years.

  leoaubrie 12:08 16 Mar 2018

I had the same problem but mine was always plugged in, so I just pulled out the battery and straight to charging.

  ponytail 12:10 16 Mar 2018

No I rarely use it without it being plugged in and I would think I have had it about six years but cannot confirm that.This is not the first time this has happened.I can get a replacement battery from Amazon for £17 with free delivery and it looks pretty simple to change.I will wait and see if it happens again it say's 82% now and is plugged in.

  ponytail 12:17 16 Mar 2018

It has just turned off again I got it wrong in my post I had to go out about 11 so checked the battery strength before I left and it was 100% and I left it unplugged whilst I was out.When I got back after about 45 mins it said 82% but just as I was finishing post it tuned off.It now says 82% and charging

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:23 16 Mar 2018

Remove battery and run on mains only if it still shuts down unexpectedly then there is an error to search for.

Look in Event viewer and see what the latest errors are, they are likely to be some Kernel 51 (unexpected shutown) but see whatelse is being reported.

  wee eddie 12:42 16 Mar 2018

Could it have been caused by the latest Windows Update

  wiganken2 13:07 16 Mar 2018

Sometimes machines switch off due to getting too hot. Your laptop is 6 years old so it may have dust inside preventing cooling of the CPU. Has it ever been opened up and the dust blown out using a can of compressed dry air? Search the internet for "Air duster".

  ponytail 08:53 17 Mar 2018

It has just turned off again it was plugged in all night and it said 89% so I went into my emails and was only there for about 3 minutes before it just turned off.I did unplug it to see what would happen and did not have to wait too long.When it is unplugged there is a red cross by the battery icon which flashes have never noticed that before but when I plug it in there is what could be a red cross or red arrow on the battery icon

  Forum Editor 09:04 17 Mar 2018

Take the battery out, and run the machine on mains power - does it work OK then?

If it does, it's time for a new battery. Buy a decent one, rather than a cheap version.

  ponytail 09:40 17 Mar 2018

Just found this on Google click here

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