Laptop Trouble With Virus

  G4V1N 15:15 23 Apr 2010

Yesterday i booted up my laptop and i logged in. i noticed that the little icons in the bottom were not showing. So i tried to run my anti-virus but all that was coiming up was a error. So i hooked up my internet dongle and it kept saying that i couldn't cerate a phonebook directory. I was wandering what was going on so i checked my security settings and they had all been switched off. I then booted up into safe mode and tried to run my anti-virus again. But the same error message poped up. i then booted back onto normal mode. I then did a restore back a couple of days when i knew that it was working. and it is now working. The problem now is that i can't update vista and it just keeps saying to reboot my pc so i do and it just keeps saying it now????

sooo can anyone help on this situation and if you cant tell me the type of virus that i had i will be greatful



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:22 23 Apr 2010

click here

Most likely culprit is Antivirus 2010 or similar.

  onthelimit 15:22 23 Apr 2010

Doing a System Restore does not normally remove a virus, so I think something else was wrong. When you say 'can't update Vista', what do you mean? There may not be any available undates at the moment!

  G4V1N 15:28 23 Apr 2010

there i updates anthe error it comes up with is

"windows update cannot check for updates, becaues the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer"

And so i restart it and it says it over and over again

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:33 23 Apr 2010

Download Malwarebytes from click here (select the free version). You may have to do it on another computer and onto a memory stick. Boot your computer into safe mode by tapping f8 key when you turn it on. Insert memory stick and run Malwarebytes but do not update from the net (you probably won't be able to in any case). Do a quick scan and delete all it finds. If you are not allowed to run the setup file, rename it to something daft and then run it ;-)

Reboot computer normally, update Malwarebytes from t'Internet and then do a deep scan (might take about 30 minutes) and delete anything it finds.


  G4V1N 15:37 23 Apr 2010

will i be able to run this with avast antivirus running ????

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:01 23 Apr 2010


  onthelimit 16:07 23 Apr 2010

You could try the Fixit click here, as this seems to be a common problem.

  rdave13 18:07 23 Apr 2010

Try this fix-it; click here

  onthelimit 20:54 23 Apr 2010

Like I said!

  G4V1N 21:18 24 Apr 2010

BUt this is now somthing else that has happened this is now why i am backing up all my data. Includin or not including whatever it is.

but i willl still keep you posted on the results of the findings.

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